2015 – A Healthy Start

Wow, I cannot believe how long it has been since I took the opportunity to post on my blog here – I thought it had been a couple of months but now I realize it has been closer to 6!! To my loyal readers, I apologize and I will make a concerted effort to put a little more work into this small blog over the course of this year.

I had decided that I want to focus on getting a little bit healthier in 2015 and this would require putting a daily amount of effort into both exercise and being a lot more conscious about the food I eat. Most of my friends have bought themselves food processors for juicing or making smoothies and this is the ideal food to start off the day with. There is no limit to the combinations you can make ensuring you have a healthy, tasty and nutritious breakfast with minimal effort. I decided to go for the Breville which is a superior model in many different ways – as supported by the numerous happy customers that have taken the time to leave reviews on the popular shopping websites. I have even taken to juicing up super hard substances like nuts which are full of base metals which the body needs. You can take a look at the following video to understand the benefits of juicing a little bit more.

I have also been looking into getting more exercise and to this I have joined up with my local gym. Making sure I stick to the schedule is going to be the hard part as I tend to get a little bit lazy after awhile and look for (non existent) excuses as to why I can put it off until tomorrow. This type of thinking is fatal with gyms and you have to push through and make sure you get down there and just do it!

Lastly, I have spent a little bit of money and got myself a decent exercise bike – these days bikes are really expensive and you often find they can get up to ridiculous pricing like buying a car or something. I just bought an entry level model but it still ended up costing me a fortune so hopefully it does the job! There are a couple of local clubs I plan to check out to help keep me motivated and ensure I get to ride in different areas every couple of weeks to keep things interesting.

I will blog about my progress and try to post at least once every month or so to make things worth it. If you have any tips or inspiration then please send me a message via the contact form and I may just end up positing it.