Computer Games and Art Rolled into One?

Yeah, I guess the title may seem rather odd to many of you who read this but art enthusiasts that also enjoy a good old gaming session would have to agree that the talent and art behind some of the most popular of today’s games are almost mind blowing. I have seen some of the best fictional fantasy art in modern computer games, better than many of the professional books that were published in the 80’s or 90’s! You know the type of material I am talking about – scantily clad women that are half dressed and about to be killed/eaten or damaged in some way by a huge creator/alien!

I would also add on to that the many amazing landscapes that are included with some of the best games of today. Although many would take that type of thing for granted it is obviously been created by someone who painstakingly spent hours and hours turning ideas into a digital graphically designed world. That takes a lot of talent, let me tell you, as I struggle sometimes to come up with simple ideas for my artwork that is nowhere near as big a project as the design and implementation of an entire world within a game!

Manufacturers like Blizzard (responsible for Warcraft and Diablo) must have an army of these top level creative guys as the games are amazing in terms of ideas, visually as the sheer scale of what has been created. I don’t really consider myself a gamer but my kids spend much of their spare time at their computer gaming desks and this is where I often see the work these game creators have come up with. If you are a struggling young artist then this has to be one of the best ways to grab a little bit of inspiration! Take a look at some of the visuals from the latest version of Warcraft in the video below to get some ideas of what I am talking about!



With the popularity of games on the increase from modern c0nsoles and Apps for popular mobile devices this trend is set to explode with many more artists and designers taking up careers within the video game sector. So, if you are young and talented and not really sure in which direction to take your skills as an artist then this could possibly be the right field to consider looking into. I can only see massive growth and as a junior artist you may well get the chance to work with some of the best the industry has to offer!