Golf is a Sport?

Most people I know do not consider golf to be a sport in the traditional sense as it is slow and does not really help you get your heart rate going! I guess they are correct most of the time but the one major advantage of playing golf is the mental improvement you will achieve if you make any progress. Golf is around 80% mental and is a wonderful game for growing your mental ability as those who lose focus or are easily distracted will have a much harder time playing the game. Most golf courses are around 4 miles long so you will get some exercise and fresh air in the form of a brisk walk! If you decide to play golf then try to avoid using a cart as this really defeats the object!

Building your mental focus is important for many different things you will attempt in life and as an artist it is important to keep your mind sharp. You can read up here on some mental game tips to help with your game. As mentioned in the above post a player like Tiger Woods is the greatest example of mental focus, you can see it every time he is out on the course. He calls it “being in the zone” in his own words! The best example of this is when he makes a mistake, instead of getting cross and distracted like many amateurs he forgets about it and moves on to the next challenge.

Playing a decent game of golf can be time consuming and if you struggle for time then it is recommended to get yourself a golf simulator for swing practice which allows you work on your game while you are at home. This cuts down on the time you need and often provides a welcome rest from working in your art studio! These gadgets are simply amazing these days in the practice you can get as well as the graphics realness. You can check them out through the link above.

Although Golf may not be the sport for you it is certainly worth thinking about as it not only helps keep the body healthy but helps to make the mind stronger. All artists should realize how important that it is to keep the ideas and creativity flowing otherwise you might just find yourself becoming stagnant.

One thing to note, Golf is not an easy sport to learn and if you want to play a decent game then you will have to put in a fair amount of effort – don’t be like many people who loose interest when they find it hard. Stick with it and when you break through you will find a real sense of achievement.