How to Relax and Create Art

One of the best ways to relax and take away some stress is to paint (assuming you are an artist), forgot everything else going on and just get down to business. This is especially important if you are creative as you need to exercise those juices every now and then in order to keep yourself sane. Painting outdoors could be considered a form of sport in a way as you are out in the fresh air, enjoying nature and exercising your arms and legs as you paint and move around. If you are standing while painting then that increases the amount of calories you can burn off giving you a nice workout session as well as some outdoor time.

One way I have found to further enhance this experience is to pour yourself a decent glass of wine to help you relax and enjoy your painting time. If it is served chilled and has the added benefit of providing refreshment then you know that you will end up with a better picture. Some artists I know even suggest having a “few” glasses to ensure they totally relax as well as loosen up a bit to end up with a better results. I must admit I tried this and the results were less than impressive! Either way, having one or two really does help and a relaxed painter often ends up with a better painting!

Eating a balanced diet is equally as important as the mind needs vitamins and nutrients to function optimally. Painting at any sort of professional level requires a lot of mental focus and this becomes harder the unhealthier you are. Working out can really help get the blood pumping and sitting down to paint after a good workout often produces surprising results. This really goes for most things in life when it comes to performance and success, the healthier the mind the easier it becomes! Improving your mental ability and focus should be a prime concern for all aspiring artists.

This is where my blog becomes interesting, playing a sport can do wonders for the mind and my personal favorite happens to be golf. I find I do my best work after a round of 18 holes and although I am often tired I also feel alive. For some reason the endorphin created during sports can make such a difference with my creativity and if you haven’t ever tried this then I challenge you to do so. Perhaps your sport of choice might just be running or playing tennis, it really doesn’t matter – the point is to get out there and do it! Check out this article to read more about the improvement you can achieve through exercise. Often choosing art for a living can lead to depressive behavior as you might find yourself spending a lot of time on your own while you paint. This can lead to strange behavior, mood swings and even full blown depression in some people. Exercise is a great way to combat this and ensures your body and mind stay healthy and at peak performance. If you tend to be lazy then perhaps 2014 is the time to make some serious lifestyle changes!

As with any profession it is really important to strike a balance between work, life and health and often you may find yourself working long hours to get things done. Although this often cannot be avoided it is really important that you try and make an effort to balance these things. Often, long hours lead to burn out and mistakes in work which ends up being a waste of time anyway. Work and the balance cannot be understated and you will find yourself happier, more productive and in a better place. Your family will also appreciate you spending more time on these things which may just lead to a much happier home life as well.