Sport, Health and Art Rolled into One!

This blog has an unlikely subject matter but I feel that sport and art can come together to produce some amazing things. Health fits in as it is required in both, you can’t really be any good at sport if you are not healthy and art comes from a healthy mind, body and spirit. This can be further proven by the solid fact that most sports people are healthy and artistic in the sense that unhealthy people do not normally make it as professional sportsmen.

Thoughts on Sport

These days being any good at sport is an art form, lets take Tiger Woods for example, he is the best golfer in the world and not many would argue that his golf swing represents art. It is strong, well executed and he is able to repeat it time and time again. Most good sportsman have healthy bodies and minds that allow them to excel and build a consistency in their game. Catching Tigers back-swing on camera is always an amazing site as it just screams of raw power.

Wrestling also comes to mind as the participants are all perfectly toned and super fit. Overweight and unhealthy wrestlers are to be found in China though, I am sure you have seen the pictures of those fat men with massive breasts! Different cultures look for different things but in the western world we strive for perfect bodies through diet and intense exercise. In fact, we are so addicted to viewing the perfect human body that we have lost site of anything but perfection.

The Olympics also comes to mind as a another example of perfection with participants from all over the world who strive for perfection. These competitors all look perfect in their bodies, mind and mental determination. Going for gold is what it is all about. Many of the younger entrants have spend most of the young lives training for the moment they compete, often professional athletes started when they were 4 or 5!


Health Should be Your Most Important Focus

Keeping your body health should be the most important factor for all of us, especially if we want to live long and healthy lives. Time is often our enemy as we eat many bad and processed foods due too time constraints. Sitting in the kitchen after a stressful workday is nobody’s idea of fun. It is much easier to slam a pizza in the oven and that’s that! It is important to try and change habits and start to worry about the foods you are eating, Food is like art in the way it needs thought into its creation. Many foods are so full of harmful chemicals it is like playing Russian roulette with your life. Often these problems will only come back to harm you later on in life. Just as you worry about your physique you should also worry about what you eat. Working out is also vitally important to avoid many problems like heart attacks and strokes and it can be quite simple if you set up a schedule. A quick workout here and there is all that is needed to keep the body and the mind healthy.

Many artist I know spend their time working on their art and ignore the simple basics of healthy mind equals better productivity. No matter how important you think your art is you must make time to look after your mind and soul. You will see the difference in your work and let me tell you – it is well worth it!

Where does Art Fit in?

So you may be wondering how all this fits together and how these topics come together. In order to be an artist you have to have a healthy mind as well and that often comes from feeling good about yourself. It is hard to feel good about yourself if you are unhealthy, overweight and live a bad lifestyle. The best art comes from the sharpest of minds and that can only be accomplished through the topics mentioned above. I often look at a healthy professional athlete and view their body and attitude as an art form. It really does take everything you have to fit into this category and ongoing hard work.

This short video talks about some simple ideas in the world of sport and art.

The ideas presented here will become clearer over the coming weeks as I blog about how all these things should be molded into one in the name of modern art. Although this is a difficult topic and many people will not be able to follow along I think those that understand the concept will enjoy this blog.