Working in the Gym

Again it has been some time and again, I apologize. This blogging thing is a lot harder than I initially thought! I mean how hard should it be to sit and update a blog every now then. For some reason, it has not been a priority and I always seem to find something a little bit more important to take my time. I guess work and family would just about sum it up!

In my never ending quest to improve my health I have no joined the local gym – when I say that I actually mean I now work for them! The only thing better than working out 7 days a week is actually working in a gym where you can work out all day in between clients. I never thought working as a personal trainer could be a satisfying career choice but it does pay the bills and I love every minute of it 🙂

I hope to post some more health and art related material over the coming months as that is where my heart really lies – for now though – I just wanted to post a quick update just to let everyone know that I am still alive!

If anyone has any content ideas for the blog then please send them through via the contact form page. Thanks and until next time!